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Our young team was brought together through organizing a pharmacology related hackathon event. A few months afterwards, MicroPredictome was conceived and since then, we have been working tirelessly to bring our vision of a simple microbiome based clinical tool to the market.

In September 2019, we officially joined the Techstars Montreal AI Accelerator program.


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These pictures are courtesy of BDO (BDO Pitch Day 2019) and the 2019 Dobson Cup.

Luca Headshot 20191016

Luca Cuccia

Founder, CEO

Luca obtained his B.Sc. in Pharmacology from McGill University in May 2019. His research focused on the development of viral techniques to understand the factors involved in heart disease. He is currently fully dedicated to MicroPredictome as its CEO.

Email: luca@micropredictome.com

Ryszard Headshot 20191016

Richard Kubinski

Founder, CTO

Richard obtained his B.Sc. in Pharmacology with a minor concentration in computer science from McGill University in May 2019. His research focused heavily on the microbiome, namely on the effects and uptake of glycans on the gut microbiota. He has also worked on a prototype of a synthetic gastro-intestinal tract.

Email: richard@micropredictome.com


Alexis Nolin-Lapalme

Founder, CMO

Alexis obtained his Honours B.Sc. in Pharmacology from McGill University in May 2019. He has received multiple scholarships throughout is undergraduate degree. Much of his work has been in bioinformatics, which now focuses on the microbiome. At Genome Quebec, he has worked with some of Canada’s best bioinformaticians on the creation of data analysis pipelines. He is also the founder and president of Student Pharma, a non-profit group that teaches bioinformatics and chemoinformatics to students.

Email: alexis@micropredictome.com


Jean Djamen

COmputer Scientist

Statistics/Computer science student with experience in web development, application deployment and predictive model building. Jean works on machine learning models at Micropredictome.


Image from iOS


Medical Writer

Postgraduate student in drug development, with a specialization in pharmacoeconomics and market access. Sarah’s academic career encompasses researching new targets in pharmacology, clinical studies and the commercialization of therapeutics. Her professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry includes regulatory submissions for new drug approvals at Novartis. Sarah is currently a medical writer at Micropredictome and works closely with the team in achieving the company’s objectives.

Email: sarah.chami@umontreal.ca


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